(Please let us know if you would like your food milder or hotter, our food may contain traces of nuts. We will always endeavor to minimize the risk of cross contamination. Please inform our staff of any allergy or dietary requirement you may have)

Goong Gata                                                15.00

Large fresh water prawns served on a sizzling hot plate with garlic and fresh chilli.

Seabass Neurng Boy                                  15.00

Hot & sour soup with button mushrooms, lemon grass, lime leaves & chilli.

Yum Ruanmit                                                9.95

Spicy salad with baby squidl.

Goong Pad Prig Guer                                  9.95

Crispy dry fried prawns with the shell on, cooked with garlic, shallots and chilli.

Silken Tofu                                                   8.50

Flash fried Age tofu with ginger and oyster sauce.

Laksa                                                            9.50

Curried noodle soup with squid, prawn, chicken and tofu.

Pad Talay Ruanmit                                              9.50     NEW

Mixed seafood stir fried in a specially mixed spicy,

sweet, salty and sour sauce.

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