Mains & Curries

(Please let us know if you would like your food milder or hotter, our food may contain traces of nuts. We will always endeavor to minimize the risk of cross contamination. Please inform our staff of any allergy or dietary requirement you may have)

Dishes are for the most part made to order, however some ingredients are better suited to certain sauces. If unsure please ask us for advice.


The following are the prices for the different ingredients, so just pick your ingredient and the sauce that you'd like and we'll take care of the rest.


Tofu                                                    Beef

Chicken                                              Squid

prawn                                                 Salmon Steak


Large Fresh Water Prawns

Seabass (Steamed or deep fried)

Whole Pomfret Large

Whole Pomfret Medium

Prawn in Crispy Breadcrumb Batter

Colley Chunks in Breadcrumb Batter

24. Ga Prow   

Stir fried with Holy basil & fresh chillies.

25. Pad Himmaphan   

Stir fried with peppers, onions & cashew nuts.  CONTAINS NUTS

26. Piew Wan

Stir fried specially mixed sweet & sour sauce with tomatoes & onions.

27. Namman Hoy   

Stir fried with peppers, onions & mushrooms in oyster sauce.


28. Pad Khing

Stir fried  with black fungus, ginger &  yellow bean sauce.

29. Gratiem Prig Thai

Stir fried with specially mixed garlic & black pepper sauce.

30. Pla Piew Wan

Deep fried fish with a specially mixed sweet & sour sauce with tomatoes & onions.

31. Pla Lard Prig

Deep fried fish with a  specially mixed spicy, sweet & sour sauce.

32. Seabass Neurng Manau   13.25

Steamed seabass topped with a chilli, garlic & lemon juice salsa.

33. Goong Pao                                               15.00

Grilled large fresh water prawns served with a specially mixed spicy sauce.

34. Pad Pak Phassom                                      5.50

Stir fried mixed vegetables in either oyster or soy sauce.

35. Pad Tua Ngo'                                            5.50

Stir fried beansprouts with tofu & spring onion with garlic, black pepper & soy sauce.

36. Pad Boong Fai Daeng                              7.95

Stir fried water spinach with yellow bean & garlic.

37. Ped Tekrai                                                 8.95

Stir fried roasted duck with chilli, peppers, onions & lemon grass.

38. Ped Makarm                                             8.95

Stir fried roasted duck in tamarind sauce topped with fresh sliced shallots.














39. Lamb Pad Prig                                   8.95

Stir fried sliced lamb with red & green peppers, curry paste onion & chilli.

40. Pad Talay                                    9.50

Stir fried prawn. squid & mussels cooked with long beans in a special chilli sauce.

41. Goong Sam Rod                                 8.95

Deep fried prawns in a crispy breadcrumb topped with spicy, sweet & sour sauce.

42. Goong Namprig Pao                     8.95

Deep fried sweet corn fritters with coriander leaves, black pepper & garlic served with sweet chilli sauce.

43. Gaeng Keow Wan 

The famous Thai green curry with coconut milk, long beans, mixed herbs, aubergine & bamboo shoots.      

44. Gaeng Daeng   

The famous Thai red curry with coconut milk, long beans, mixed herbs, aubergine & bamboo shoots. 

45. Gaeng Panang   

Thick panang curry with coconut milk, flavoured with lime leaves & fresh chilli.

46. Gaeng Phet Ped Yang                          8.95

Roasted duck in red curry, tomatoes,pineapple & green beans.

47. Gaeng Massaman

Southern Thailand curry with tomato and potato.

48. Prig Thai Sod                                          9.50

Prawn, squid & mussels stir fried with chilli, krachai, fresh young peppercorn, kafir lime leaves, red & green peppers and holy basil.


49. Lamb Curry                       8.95

Specially mixed lamb curry with potato. 

50. Gaeng Pa

Spicy water based curry with herbs. aubergine, bamboo shoots, krachai & peppercorn. Not for the faint hearted!

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