(Please let us know if you would like your food milder or hotter, our food may contain traces of nuts. We will always endeavor to minimize the risk of cross contamination. Please inform our staff of any allergy or dietary requirement you may have)

Mix Starter   12.50

Sharing platter for two to three persons, chicken satay,popia tord, tod mun pla, goong hom pha and nah goong.  CONTAINS NUTS


1. Goong Choob   5.95

King prawns deep fried in a tempura batter and served with sweet chilli sauce.

2. Goong Hom Pha   5.95

Marinated king prawns deep fried in rice skin ad served with sweet chilli sauce.

3. Chicken Satay   5.95

Grilled marinated chicken skewers served with home made peanut sauce.  CONTAINS NUTS

4. Tod Mun Pla   5.95

Deep fried fish cakes mixed with lime leaves & spices served with a syrup with chopped onion, cucumber and crushed peanuts. CONTAINS NUTS

5. Nah Goong   5.50

Deep fried savoury minced chicken, prawns & coriander toasts topped with sesame seeds.

6. Khanom Jeeb   5.95

Steamed dumplings of minced chicken, prawn & water chestnut topped with garlic & special sauce.

14. Po Tek                                                7.50

Mussels, prawns & squid in a hot & sour soup with button mushrooms, lemon grass, lime leaves, chilli, holy basil & krachai.

15. Tom Yum   Prawn 6.50    Chicken 5.75      Mushroom 5.25

Hot & sour soup with button mushrooms, lemon grass, lime leaves & chilli.

16. Tom Kha    Prawn 6.50    Chicken 5.75      Mushroom 5.25

Coconut milk soup with galangal.

17. Gaeng Jerd         Minced Chicken 5.75  Chinese Leaf 5.25

Clear soup with glass noodles & garlic.


7. Peek Gai Tord   5.95

Deep fried chicken wings topped with garlic and black pepper sauce.

8. Pak Choob   5.50

Deep fried mixed vegetables in tempura batter served with sweet chilli sauce.


9. Popia Tord   5.50

Deep fried spring rolls with vegetables, glass noodles & chinese mushrooms served with sweet chilli sauce.

10. Tord Mun Khao Pod   5.95

Deep fried sweet corn fritters with coriander leaves, black pepper & garlic served with sweet chilli sauce.

11. Squid Chilli Tord    7.50

Deep fried lightly battered squid tubes, dry fried with garlic, chilli and shallots.

12. Scallop   4.50 each

Steamed scallop served with soy sauce or seafood chilli sauce.

13. Aromatic Duck   ¼ 8.95   ½ 17.50   whole 34.00

deep fried aromatic duck served with pancakes, cucumber, spring onion & specially made hoisin sauce.

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